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Positive Youth Development White Paper

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Adult allies throughout the state participated in a study group to deepen their knowledge about the theories that inform youth-led programs. Based on this knowledge, they developed white papers designed to provide information on core content areas that are critical for adult allies to understand in order to be effective facilitators of youth-led programs.

Positive youth development (PYD) serves as a critical foundation for a variety of youth programs. PYD’s focus on youth strengths instead of deficits, the recognition of the need to serve all youth, not just those previously identified as at risk, as well as the establishment of the community as being responsible for youth development has propelled the field forward. Youth-led programs are rooted in a PYD approach, its core principles and its features of positive developmental settings. It is essential for adult allies to understand the contribution of PYD as we move forward to fully preparing and empowering youth to serve as community change agents.

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