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Voinovich professor said Biden offers stability to the auto industry in recent article

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Presidential candidate Joe Biden could offer a stable and tech-focused future for the auto industry that is moving toward ride-sharing and autonomous vehicles, a professor at Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs said in a recent article.

“I think having a stable environment for those automotive companies to collaborate with tech companies and regulators will be important as we move forward in that space," Jason Jolley, professor of rural economic development and Master of Public Administration program director, said in the S&P Global Market Intelligence article published October 5.

The article by Charlsy Panzino quotes researchers in public policy, government and business on the 2020 presidential candidates’ visions for the auto industry. Biden has said that he will create 1 million jobs in the auto industry, implement standardized regulations and invest in 500,000 electric vehicles stations if elected. On the other hand, President Donald Trump plans to focus on domestic auto manufacturing and sourcing.

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