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TechGROWTH Ohio client Nature’s Magic featured in TechOhio

Nature's Magic featured on TechOhio

TechGROWTH Ohio client Nature’s Magic was featured in TechOhio for encouraging the use of natural and non-toxic cleaning products that protect children and pets from harmful chemicals. 

In the article, “This Athens Startup Can Clean and Disinfect Your Whole Home Without Toxic Chemicals,” founder Danielle Young said that unlike most cleaning products, which aren’t required to list their ingredients, Nature’s Magic lists all the ingredients. Young believes this increases transparency and furthers Nature’s Magic’s Mission of sustainability and responsibility.  

“Not only are there a lot of unknowns about the coronavirus, but stay-at-home orders have forced us to rethink our impact on our planet,” Young said in the article. “In most situations, keeping surfaces clean and sanitized by removing germs without toxins is ideal. That way, folks can keep their homes, cars and businesses clean and safe.” 

Young said she has seen a new surge of customers during the COVID-19 pandemic because people are looking for a safe and environment friendly way to disinfect their house.

“We work with as many small businesses in Ohio as we can on sustainability initiatives,” said Young. “We offer reusable plastic and glass spray bottles and concentrates in various sizes to refill them. We also offer bulk wholesale to businesses, agencies, schools and other organizations, and we are working with a few stores who have implemented refill stations of our products to save on single-use plastic.” 

Nature’s Magic also recently released a line of hand sanitizer and is working toward completing bulk orders.  

“[Athens] community realizes that our everyday decisions impact the lives of friends and neighbors,” Young said. “I believe that’s why local businesses have taken to using our products. In Athens, we stick together and help each other out any way we can.” 

Nature’s Magic started as a “green” cleaning business in 2008 and switched to producing cleaning products by 2013. Nature’s Magic produces multi-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, hand sanitizers, scrubs, concentrates and more, for use in homes, businesses and other places.  

They have been supported by Ohio University entrepreneurship programs, such as Ohio University Innovation Center, the LIGHTS Regional Innovation Network and TechGROWTH Ohio. One of the Ohio Third Frontier’s entrepreneurial service providers and a program of Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, TechGROWTH Ohio provides technology start-up companies in the 19-county Southeast Ohio area access to business assistance and sources of capital. More than 2,200 area start-ups and entrepreneurs have generated over $590 million in additional local economic activity with TechGROWTH Ohio’s support.