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Voinovich School rural community health work featured in academic journal

Addressing Substance Use

The article, “Moving Upstream: An Intersectoral Collaboration to Build Sustainable Planning Capacity in Rural and Appalachian Communities,” co-authored by Laura Milazzo, senior research associate, and Dr. Holly Raffle, professor, at Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public was featured in a recent academic journal.

“I appreciate the opportunity to elevate the innovative public sector funding models in Ohio onto a national platform. I am also honored to share the community-based capacity development results with a diverse philanthropic-focused audience,” Milazzo said. 

The article was published in the peer-reviewed academic journal, Foundation Review. Within the article, the authors explore the successes and lesson learned from implementing a new infrastructure development initiative, which strengthens the capacity of the workforces in six rural communities through addressing various persistent barriers and inequities in health and mental health. 

“This publication is the scholarly representation of the community-based work and innovative spirit that is at the core of the mission of the Voinovich School,” Raffle said. “It highlights the co-investment model and specifically references how state Appalachian New Economy Partnership dollars were used to leverage a much larger investment which will enhance the ability of two organizations (Adams County Medical Foundation and Impact Prevention) to provide high-quality, evidence-based prevention services in their own communities.” 

Milazzo and Raffle also worked to produce a video which showcased the process and findings of their research, which was shown to the Ohio University Board of Trustees at their recent meeting.

To view the video, click here