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OhioToday recognizes TechGROWTH Ohio for “seeding success” in growing entrepreneurial ecosystem

An Entrepreneurial Ecoystem

TechGROWTH Ohio and its accomplishments were recently featured in Ohio University’s OhioToday “Landscape” edition. Since 2007, TechGROWTH Ohio has been instrumental in helping more than 2,000 entrepreneurs by providing research, planning and consulting to grow their businesses.

The article shares an interview with Neill Lane, president and CEO of TechGROWTH client company Global Cooling, Inc., who attributed TechGROWTH Ohio as key in their progress as an organization.

“They have been a really important part of our success,” said Lane. He goes on to add that the program was “there right from the beginning.”

Through this partnership, TechGROWTH Ohio is helping more entrepreneurs have a success story of their own. Executive Director Lynn Gellermann said, “Success begets success, so with more winning entrepreneurs and startup companies, we have more shared examples for people and institutions to see and experience.”

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