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Michaud interviewed on energy efficiency for personal finance website

Wallethub Screenshot

Dr. Gilbert Michaud, assistant professor of practice at Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, was recently interviewed by WalletHub to provide insight on cost-effective tips and strategies for living energy efficiently.

In the article, personal financing website WalletHub listed 2019’s most and least energy efficient states. Ohio was ranked in the middle, at 27th place. 

“Most homeowners can save a lot of money with simple renovations such as duct improvements, installing LED or fluorescent lighting, using smart power strips, or simple air sealing strategies,” Michaud said. 

In fact, simple approaches like these can save homeowners 20-30% on their annual utility bills, according to Michaud. He even gave savvy tips on how to save on more costly investments, such as installing solar panels. 

“Folks should make sure they are taking advantage of free energy audits, tax credits, and the range of energy efficiency financing options, such as zero or low interest loans offered through financial institutions,” Michaud noted. 

To read the full article, visit wallethub.com