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The Voinovich Academy offers professional coaching as part of its leadership capacity building portfolio.


“My executive leadership coaching experience was a multifaceted journey. Mark is authentic, insightful, and compassionate. His coaching not only helped me uncover the reasons behind my career challenges but most importantly helped me recognize my untapped potential! It has given me the confidence to make some tough career decisions. Thanks to his coaching, I am a stronger leader who is looking forward to new career challenges."


Our Approach

From the sports world to classroom mentorship, coaching can mean different things to different people. The Voinovich Academy specializes in professional coaching – a specific type of coaching that focuses on partnering with emerging, mid-level and senior public service leaders to help maximize their professional potential. 

Rather than giving individuals advice or telling them what to do, Academy coaches partner with our clients to explore different solutions and new perspectives to professional and organizational challenges.

Coaching as a Solution

Many professionals report feeling they have hit a wall in their career development, or that they
feel “stuck” or “in a rut” before they begin coaching. Perhaps you’ve encountered a challenge, or you’re not sure how to take the next career step, or you want to prepare for a new opportunity. Coaching can help you figure out how to achieve the desired results in an efficient and effective way. 

Whether you need direction or simply want to push yourself to keep building your skills, an Academy coach may be the partner who can help you find your way to your next goal.

Types of Coaching Available

  • Strengths Coaching: The Academy offers one-on-one strengths coaching conversations using the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 Personality Assessment to help clients develop their talents into strengths. Clients have the option to complete the coaching in a one-hour session or over two 30-minute sessions. We offer Strengths coaching as part of all Leading with Strengths workshops and as requested by our partners. 
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching: Leadership coaching serves as an accelerator for development, allowing individuals to grow as leaders as well as deliver greater impact in achieving organizational goals. Clients generally meet with their coach for hourly sessions once every two to three weeks for three to six months.
  • Group and Team Coaching: The Academy offers multiple opportunities for group and team coaching. Groups can be composed of pre-identified individuals from specific organizations or individuals from multiple organizations.
  • Coaching as part of Academy Leadership Development Programs: In addition to individual, group and team coaching, The Academy offers embedded coaching as part of its leadership development programs.

Coaching is Results Oriented

People who engage a coach often experience benefits that include increased confidence, enhanced communication skills, and optimized individual and team performance. An individual’s results from coaching will be tightly aligned with the goals they set with their coach at the start of the engagement. 

When working with organization leaders or team managers, coaching’s beneficial impacts flow beyond the individual receiving coaching. Many coaching clients find the benefits of their coaching—such as improved self-awareness, communication skills and open-mindedness—positively impact their lives far beyond the original goals, including in their team dynamics and personal relationships.


“The single most valuable thing I gained in working with Mark was recognition of my own strengths. Mark was very skilled at bringing out skills and traits that I already possessed but didn’t really know I had or at least didn’t recognize them in myself. Coaching has helped to give me tools to practice being courageous in hard spaces."



Interested in learning more about professional coaching? Contact Mark Cappone, mark.cappone@ohio.edu.

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