Nancy Stevens, Ph.D.

Headshot of Nancy
Professor, Functional Morphology & Vertebrate Paleontology
Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Studies
Speciality/Interest Area
Biodiversity Conservation, Ecotourism and the World's Most Endangered Primates, Conservation, Dinosaurs, Ecotourism, Environmental Change Through Time, Extinction, Field and Laboratory Studies in Locomotor Kinematics, Fossils, Paleontology

Nancy Stevens is interested in community-engaged projects that empower local communities to leverage local assets to advance place-based educational opportunities and engage in environmentally sustainable livelihoods. One example of this is the OHIO Museum Complex (OMC), a cross disciplinary endeavor connecting art, science, wellness and the environment with everyday life.

The OHIO Museum Complex (OMC)  features an immersive nature gallery and an Outdoor Museum visitor area and experiential trail system, all available for use by preK-12, university and all-age community groups. OMC contributors have also developed an online app (mAppAthens) curating tours with a variety of local experts and partner organizations including the Dairy Barn Arts Center, Athens Libraries, The Southeast Ohio History Center, Athens Area Birders, and many many more. Stevens and the OMC host free tours and programs, and are here to connect, explore and do more together.