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Specialized Studies major prepares for law school

Specialized Studies major prepares for law school
Specialized Studies Major Matt Kelly

Matt Kelly didn’t have far to travel when he started college. A graduate of Alexander High School, Kelly chose Ohio University for its size, its academic programs, and for the social network he knew he would have at OHIO.

A junior who plans to graduate in 2022, Kelly started off at OHIO as a political science pre-law major in the College of Arts and Sciences with the goal of becoming a lawyer. He still plans to go to law school and is already actively engaged in studying for the LSAT, but he changed his major to specialized studies with an area of focus in corporate pre-law featuring political science and business courses.  

Kelly said he appreciates the freedom and flexibility of University College’s specialized studies major and wishes more students at OHIO were aware of the option. “You get to mix and match classes and branch out in ways you might not in other majors,” Kelly explained. “I like having the ability to choose what direction to take my education. It’s easy to transfer into the specialized studies major.”

Though Kelly has focused on political science and business and will graduate with a business minor, he has also taken advantage of the opportunity to take courses that allow him to take part in distinctly different activities like bowling and flying. He has taken aviation classes and has set his sights on earning his pilot’s license with the help of aviation coursework and instruction from his father, who is a pilot.

Kelly has interned with attorney Zach Tidaback at Mollica, Gall, Sloan, Sillery Law Office for several years and has appreciated the opportunity to observe and learn first-hand what the work of attorneys looks like. In addition to working with Kelly as an internship supervisor, Tidabeck also helps Kelly with LSAT test prep. Kelly will continue his internship next year and is excited to graduate and move on to law school.

What kinds of extracurricular activities and student organizations have you been involved in while at OHIO?
Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity
National Society for Leadership and Success

What were some of the highlights of your academic experience at OHIO?
My freshman learning community freshman with Larry Hayman. We got to meet judges, lawyers, and advocates for different programs. I think we all walked out of there with a better sense of what law schools expected of us.
Kathleen Sullivan’s Politics of Law class.
American Sign Language classes. Bowling classes. It’s not just about keeping your nose in a book all the time but getting to meet new people.