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Ellery Pollard

Ellery Pollard
Student Writing Center Tutor

Hometown: Germantown, Tennessee

Major: English Creative Writing

Minor: Psychology

College: College of Arts and Sciences

"Tutoring with the AAC Student Writing Center allows me to interact with OU students from all walks of life and to discuss the ins and outs of my favorite subject: writing! I especially love working with students who have learned English as a second language because they ask great questions and are motivated to master the language. But I enjoy helping all students build confidence in their writing skills. I have even discovered that most students are better at writing than they initially believe.

I enjoy reading and writing (typical hobbies for an English major) as well as drawing, playing video games, going on walks around Athens, and learning as much as I can about absolutely everything. Along with tutoring at the Student Writing Center, I work for the Academic Achievement Center social media team and have a short series on the beauty of comic books titled This Novel Seems Sketchy, which you can view on the Academic Achievement Center Instagram (@aacohiou). I am also a Learning Community Leader at OHIO. Go Bobcats!"