Michael Kopish

headshot of Mike Kopish
Associate Professor, Teacher Education
Patton College of Education
Teacher Education
Speciality/Interest Area
Global Citizenship Education, Globally Competent Teaching; Community Engaged Teacher Education, Service Learning; Inclusive Classroom Practices in Social Studies.
At Ohio University, Dr. Kopish teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in social studies education, global education, and teacher education. His classes prepare teacher candidates and graduate students through frequent, high-quality, and equitable civic and community engagement opportunities to advance the democratic purposes of schooling. Community-engagement experiences include partnerships to support historic preservation with the Little Cities of Black Diamonds and the Rendville Historical Society. In addition, Dr. Kopish is a co-designer and leader of Service Learning Day, a partnership with local schools and community organizations to foster civic engagement with young people. Collectively, these community-engagement experiences supported the civic development of future and current social studies teachers and young people in schools. The community partnerships consist of two basic designs: university, community and university, school - community, and designed based on values of sharing and reciprocity, collaborative relationships, and sustainability.