Membership of the University International Council



Thom Luce, Chair



Frans Doppen, Patten College of Education and Human Services

Patricia Gunn, College of Arts and Sciences

Faizul Huq, College of Business 

Gillian Ice, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Yusuf Kalyango, Scripps College of Communication

Zaki Kuruppalil, Russ College of Engineering Technology

Greg Lester, University College

Michael Parkinson, College of Fine Arts

Timothy Ryan, Health Sciences and Professions



Earl Lee, President of the International Student Union

Kayla Prater, International Affairs Commissioner for Student Senate

Pronoy Rai, International Affairs Commissioner for Graduate Student Senate



Jeff Ferrier, Libraries

Deb Gearhart, Vice Provost of eLearning

Ji-Yeung Jang, Center for International Studies

Ming Li, Interim Executive Director of the Center for International Studies

Catherine Marshall, Director of Education Abroad

Usha Matta, Graduate Student Services

Krista McCallum Beatty, International Student & Faculty Services

Betsy Morley, Office of Admissions

Vicki Seefeldt West, International Outreach and Recruitment

Chris Thompson, Linguistics

Jeremy Webster, Honors Tutorial College


UIC Reports to:

Pam Benoit, Executive Vice President and Provost

Roderick McDavis, President



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