How to Apply for Support from the International Travel Fund


·         The ITF support is available to Group I and II faculty.

·         The ITF supports international research, paper presentation, and other international scholarly or creative activities that are approved by the applicant's department or school and college.  Please note that owing to budget limitations, the Fund’s highest priority will be scholarly and creative activities that could not be carried out domestically (such as participating in an international scholarly forum or conducting archival or field research overseas), rather than professional development activities (such as attending a professional seminar).

·         Only one award can be received during a particular fiscal year.

·         The maximum award is $750 applicable only to the airfare. However, should the committee receive a particularly large number of applications, the maximum award may be decreased in order to support more faculty in their scholarly and creative endeavors.

·         The amount of money awarded can be applied either to the airfare or to other documented travel expenses (such as lodging), but in any event the amount will be based upon the cost of airfare as explained above.

Application Procedure

·         Download the ITF Application Form from the link at the top of this page.

·         Read the form carefully and complete all required sections and sign.

·         Get the signature from the director or chair of your unit indicating approval of your proposed international scholarly activity.

·         Get the signature from the dean of your college indicating approval of your proposed international scholarly activity.

·         Send the completed and signed form, along with documentation for your airfare estimate, by the deadlines listed below to:

     International Travel Fund Committee
Ohio University
     206 Yamada International House

     Athens, OH 45701

·         Fully completed applications are due no later than 4:00 p.m. at the Yamada International House address on the deadline date.

·         Deadlines are firm, and applications without required signatures and documentation will be disqualified.

·         If the deadline falls on a weekend, a university-observed holiday, or a day that the university has been closed due to an emergency, fully completed applications will be due the next business day by 4:00 p.m. at Yamada International House.


Cycle I:         May 1 --for travel starting in July or August

Cycle II:        July 1 --for travel starting in September or October

Cycle III:       September 10 --for travel starting in November or December

Cycle IV:       November 1 --for travel starting in January or February

Cycle V:        January 10 --for travel starting in March or April

Cycle VI:       March 1 --for travel starting in May or June

Fund Policies

·         The goal of the International Travel Fund Committee will be to provide notification to the applicant within two weeks of the deadline date.

·         In order to ensure that equitable funding is available throughout the year, funds from the annual budget will be allotted in equal proportions in each two-month travel cycle.

·         Travel must begin within the dates of the period for which you applied.

·         Should travel plans be either changed or cancelled entirely, you must inform the ITF Committee immediately at the address listed above.  Failure to keep the Committee apprised of any such changes or cancellations could bear negatively upon future Fund applications.

·         In keeping with University policy, air tickets for University business must be purchased with a purchasing card (p-card).  However, in the case of conference and research travel, exceptions may be granted if 1) the faculty member needs to purchase the ticket before a final decision has been made about the availability of University funding or 2) University funding will only cover part of the cost of the ticket, with the faculty member paying for the rest.  In these special cases, the faculty member must first contact the Purchasing Card Administration Office (at purchasing.card@ohio.edu or (740) 597-OHIO) in order to request an exception and inquire about procedure.

How to receive awarded funding

·         For all ITF-funded travel, once the air ticket has been purchased, you are required to send a copy of the receipt showing the exact cost to:

     Marian L. Carr
     Ohio University
     206 Yamada International House

     Athens, OH 45701

·         If the ticket has been purchased on a p-card, have your unit’s p-card administrator enter the account number provided on your award letter into the p-card system.

·         If a Travel Expense Report is required (for example, if the ticket was purchased on a personal credit card and partial reimbursement is being requested,  or if the award is being applied to expenses other than the airfare), this must be completed within a month of your return from the international travel.  Again, you should use the account number provided in the award level when filling out the Report.  Please note that no reimbursement will be made after a month following your return from travel.

·         Should any questions about accounting or payment processing arise, please contact Diane Cahill at  <cahilld@ohio.edu>, or at 593-1838.

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