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Case Study

Social Media Graphics
Social Media Graphics

This UCM-driven project was created to highlight various events at Ohio University through OHIO branded graphics for social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. When Ohio University launched its new brand campaign, Ohio University: it’s y{ }u, UCM sought this as an opportunity to support the campaign. As the social media graphics populated, regional campuses reached out to UCM to request similarly styled graphics promoting their “Imagine Your Possibilities” campaign.


UCM needed to create personalized social media graphics that would be readily available to the OHIO community while promoting the Ohio University: it’s y{ }u campaign.

As technology is continuously changing, so are social media guidelines to better fit the various electronic displays. While creating social media graphics, UCM needs to be aware of these changes and adapt to them.

As the graphics became available, there were requests for more personalizations under tight deadlines. With so many requests, UCM needed to organize a plan to meet these time constraints with limited resources.


UCM provides a wide range of personalized, OHIO-branded social media graphics that incorporate the “it’s y{ }u” brand. The graphics give the OHIO community the opportunity to personalize their social media pages with campus beauty, various OHIO events, holidays, and more.

As the social media graphics are developed, UCM researches the changes in social media guidelines to consistently stay up to date. When designing the graphics, UCM developed a solution that fit the specific guidelines.

In order to resolve the issue of time constraints with requests, UCM will develop a calendar that will help plan for specific events, seasons, etc. This calendar solution will be offered to the regional campuses as well. UCM permanent design staff was also aided in meeting time constraints by the assistance of talented Ohio University student designers, who contributed to the project while gaining valuable résumé-building experiences at the same time.

Social Media Graphics

Click to view the available social media downloads produced by UCM.

Social Media Graphics

Screenshot of an OHIO-themed social media graphic designed by UCM.


I’m a member of the media. Is there a site where I can get more information about Ohio University, its programs, or faculty experts for a story I’m working on?

Thanks for your interest in Ohio University! Please visit our “For the Media” page by clicking here. You’ll find recent news releases, a searchable expert directory, and contact information if you would like to get in touch with one of our communications specialists.

I need an overall marketing strategy for my University department/program. Can you help?

We would be happy to discuss developing a plan to promote your Ohio University program. Please click here to e-mail us.

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