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UCM University In-Person Courses

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UCM University Courses and Descriptions

Core Courses

UCMU 100E: Communications and Marketing and You (1 hour)

Prereq: OHIO faculty or staff. Wondering how University Communications and Marketing can help promote your program or department? This orientation session designed for faculty and staff will give you an overview of the people and services of UCM and demonstrate some of the resources available to you. Learn about our self-service items as well as how to initiate various projects with our team. This informal session is your chance to get those questions answered. (Please note: This orientation session is for University faculty and staff; students should enroll in UCMU 100S.)

UCMU 100S: Communications and Marketing and You (1 hour)

Prereq: OHIO student. Wondering how University Communications and Marketing helps to promote Ohio University and its programs? This orientation session designed for students provides an overview of the people, services, and resources of UCM. (Please note: This orientation session is for students; faculty and staff should enroll in UCMU 100E.)

UCMU 101: OHIO Branding Basics (1 hour)  

Want an easy-to-understand overview of the basics of the OHIO brand? This workshop will introduce you to key branding elements such as OHIO logos, color palettes, and how to use brand assets correctly including ‘it’s you,’ so that your unit can represent OHIO’s brand properly as we work together to elevate the University’s national profile.

UCMU 102: Navigating Compass (1 hour)

Learn how to use and contribute your own articles to Ohio University’s official news and information site. Topics include understanding your audience, posting to Compass yourself and the Compass style guide.

Special Topic Courses

UCMU 201: Winning Photography and Video Techniques (1.5 hours)

Want to learn how to take better, more polished photos with your own device? Experts from our team will share simple video and photo tips that are easy to learn, enabling you to enhance your communications.

UCMU 202: Managing the Media (1 hour)

Ever wonder how you should handle it if a reporter calls you asking questions about one of your department’s programs or operations? UCM’s communication specialists present this workshop that will give you tips on what to say, what not to say, and resources available to support you when you receive media requests. This workshop is ideal for anyone who is new to the local media environment in Athens and will give an overview of general practices in working with the media.

UCMU 203: Event Promotion Using the Calendar of University Events (1 hour)

While anyone with an Ohio University ID can add events to the Calendar of University Events (CUE), many underestimate the power of this great tool. In addition to making events able to be featured on the www.ohio.edu front door and shared via text and e-mail alerts, each CUE entry is really a webpage for the event it displays. Learn how to use it to best effect with tips, tricks, and best practices.  

Advanced Courses

UCM offers these advanced workshops for those seeking to further advance their knowledge and skills. Please note that some workshops have a prerequisite and a fee is required for 400-level courses.

UCMU 301: Designing with Templates (1 hour)

Prereq: 101. Tired of recreating the wheel? UCM's Brand Center can help avoid this duplication of effort by giving you access to a bank of commonly used templates that can add visual appeal to your communications—from simple event posters to newspaper ads. This workshop will demonstrate the features and resources associated with this template bank and may be valuable to campus communicators, administrative support, graduate assistants, and students.

UCMU 302: Communication Planning (1 hour)

Prereq: 101. A communication plan is a deliberate, coordinated effort to deliver a message across multiple media. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, but it does need to include clear goals, key messages, and strategic vehicles for delivering those messages to your audience. In this UCMU workshop, we’ll discuss when to use a communication plan, how to develop a successful plan, what should be included in your plan, and more.

UCMU 401: Department-Specific Branding Graphics (1–2 hours; fee required)

Prereq: 101. In today’s visually oriented, competitive world, it is vital for any group’s image to stand out, be memorable, and build equity. This workshop will enable students and staff to implement your department’s branding graphics to achieve all this while reinforcing OHIO’s overall brand standards.

UCMU 402: Media Interview Practicum (3 hours; fee required)

Prereq: Recommendation from department or unit head and University employment duties that include working with members of the media regularly in a spokesperson capacity. Because of the work you do, your expertise, or position within the organization, you may find yourself face-to-face with a reporter or a group of reporters. It can be daunting facing a reporter’s questions—not only if such interaction is rare but also because the stakes can be high with regard to your credibility as well as the reputation of the organization. The aim of this workshop is to prepare you to respond to requests for interviews and help you develop messages applicable for a variety of formats. This experiential learning opportunity takes place in a small-group setting and includes two videotaped mock interviews, group evaluations, and a training workbook.

A Note About UCMU 402 Pricing and Max Group Discount:

  • UCMU 402 is offered to a minimum group of three participants at $150 per individual.

  • However, for a maximum group cohort of five participants, we offer a $150 discount, making the total cost for all five participants $600.