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Thank you for choosing UCM! We are proud to support OHIO’s efforts in building reputation, driving enrollment, and engaging stakeholders. Please note that while we have charged for some services in the past, we will no longer charge for projects that support enrollment or further the University’s brand reputation.

We review requests on Tuesday of each week, and you will be notified soon after if UCM is able to accommodate your project or not. If we are unable to assist you, we will suggest alternatives to meet your needs.

When submitting your request, plan for at least three weeks of production time ahead of your desired completion date. (Please note that additional time may be necessary if your project requires printing.) A firm timeline based on project type, availability, and capacity will be established by the UCM lead after your project has been started. If you need accelerated assistance, make sure to note your circumstances on the form, and we will consider such factors in determining the feasibility of the project.

Note: Approximately two weeks are required for printing
Please be as detailed as possible, including any special labeling or weight restrictions on delivery boxes
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