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Media Guidelines

Public Records Requests

Media should initiate their public records requests with University Communications and Marketing (c/o Scott Quad 173, Athens, Ohio 45701, 740.593.2200, or The records will be obtained and reviewed by the Office of Legal Affairs and then provided to University Communications and Marketing, which will provide the records to the media. The University’s public records request policy can be found here:

Interviews with Faculty/Staff/Students, Filming, and Photography (News Media Requests)

News media are welcome to arrange a visit to the Athens Campus for purposes of filming, photography, or interviewing a student, staff or faculty member. We ask that any such visit be prearranged with one of our media specialists. We discourage unannounced visits, and the University has the right to impose reasonable restrictions on news media if their visit obstructs business or academic operations or compromises student privacy. Contact information for visits is in the blue box on the left side of this page.

The media specialist can also help arrange an interview, recommend and secure film or photography sites, and arrange clearance for filming or photography as needed. We require the news media to seek permission or ask the University to sign a release allowing them to film or take photographs. In certain instances, the Ohio University Office of Legal Affairs may be involved in signing the release as there may be restrictions on what can be photographed or filmed and on how the photos or films can be used.

Commercial Filming and Photography

Permission from University Communications and Marketing is required for all commercial filming activity on Ohio University campuses, including photography or video. The Ohio University Office of Legal Affairs may be involved in facilitating the process as well.

General Information

Groups interested in commercial filming, video, and photography projects on Ohio University campuses can find contact information in the blue box on the left side of this page. Anyone wishing to film/photograph on campus for commercial purposes must submit a detailed description of the proposed project in writing, including:

  • Specific location(s)/facilities to be depicted
  • Requested date(s) and time(s) of filming
  • Type of activity to be filmed
  • Number of people involved, including cast and crew
  • List of equipment and vehicles to be used (including props and machinery)

This information and a script synopsis must be submitted to University Communications and Marketing for review at least 30 days before filming.

Photography and filming will be allowed at the sole discretion of the University and during times that are least likely to interfere with regular University business and activities. Requested locations must be inspected with a representative of University Communications and Marketing before and after filming. Any mention of Ohio University must be authorized by the University.

Contract Requirement

The University requires that all groups filming/photographing on Ohio University campuses must complete and sign a contract agreement with the University, outlining the details of the shoot, insurance requirements, costs, and other terms and conditions.


Groups filming/photographing on campus must have adequate insurance and provide a certificate of insurance coverage prior to arriving on campus. Any damage to Ohio University property or personnel as a result of the project is the responsibility of the group undertaking the project.

Fees and Expenses

A location fee is required to conduct commercial filming/photography on OHIO campuses, including all set-up and wrap activity. Location fees are due on or prior to the first day of activity.

Additional fees may also be required, including payment for OHIO Campus Safety officers and University Communications and Marketing representatives monitoring the shoot. The number of officers and/or monitors will be determined by University Communications and Marketing in consultation with appropriate campus departments. Fees for electricity and/or water may also be required, depending on the scope of the project.

Use of University Brand Including Trademarks and Logos

The University’s name, trademarks, logos, and other indicia may not be filmed in any form without the written permission of University Communications and Marketing. Permission also is required for the use of University-logo clothing, flags, pennants, and other materials. Please see our Logo Request Form for more information.

A Note on Filming at The Ridges and the Former Athens Mental Hospital

Visiting the former Athens Mental Hospital and/or The Ridges for the purposes of paranormal research does not conform to the Ohio University or community view of how to protect the property and its heritage. Following are additional guidelines regarding access to The Ridges buildings and green spaces, including the former Athens Mental Hospital:

  • Filming; videotaping; photography; and visiting in unoccupied, unrenovated, or closed-off spaces at The Ridges, including the former mental health hospital, is strictly forbidden for safety reasons.
  • Filming, videotaping, photography, visiting, or taking any type of measurement in the context of paranormal activity is strictly forbidden.
  • Filming, videotaping, or photography for which the end product is wholly commercial or for private gain is strictly forbidden.
  • Filming; videotaping; photography; or visiting, either indoors or outdoors, is strictly forbidden between the hours of 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. Public hours are 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
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