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Gregory Kremer, Ph.D.

Chair and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Russ College of Engineering and Technology


Dr. Kremer has experience with design, simulation and construction of electric and hybrid vehicles. He established automotive engineering courses upon his arrival at Ohio University and was a long-time advisor to the student Electric Bobcat Racing team and the student chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Working with colleagues in the Russ College whose research focuses on alternative fuel, Kremer and his team transformed the skeleton of a 1978 Volkswagon Super Beetle into a test vehicle that gives researchers the ability to test different alternative fuels to study their performance and possible commercial use.

Kremer also serves as an associate director in the Ohio Coal Research Center, working on projects involving performance testing of pressurized solid oxide fuel cells, engine testing of biodiesel blends, bioreactors, coal gassification and electrostatic precipitation.

An environmental conservationist, Kremer teaches his students that becoming an engineer requires service to society. In 2010, the professor and a group of senior design students traveled to Ghana to install a solar-powered water pumping system the students designed for the Maase-Offinso village. The group completed a 10-panel, 1.75-kilowatt array that is now powering a pump to transfer water at a rate of more than 5,000 gallons per day. The system also provides income to Masse-Offinso from selling the water to neighboring villages.

Additionally, Kremer is personally dedicated to energy conservation, and not only in his teaching - he lives it. Kremer, who rides his bicycle to work each day, has a low enough energy use at his home that his 1-kilowatt solar array and 1-kilowatt wind turbine together produce more electrical energy than he uses, allowing him to sell power to the grid. He and other Russ College faculty members also use the system as a teaching model.

Recently Kremer has begun focusing on appropriate technology, working with students to design and construct products that provide solutions for small-scale farmers and individuals with disabilities in the Appalachian region.


Testing Fuels of the Future

Areas of Expertise

Alternative Fuel, Appropriate Technology, Automotive Systems, Energy, Energy Conservation, Energy Production, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical and automotive systems, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Wind Power

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