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News Release

April 3, 2014

OHIO Guarantee tuition program receives chancellor’s approval 

Chancellor John Carey of the Ohio Board of Regents has approved Ohio University’s new undergraduate tuition and fee guarantee program – The OHIO Guarantee – setting in motion plans for a transparent and predictable tuition structure to begin with the 2015-16 academic year. The proposal was adopted by the Ohio University Board of Trustees at their January 2014 meeting and presented to Carey for final approval.

The OHIO Guarantee is a comprehensive cohort-based program that includes level-rate tuition, housing, dining and most academic course and technology fees. The program intends to assure students and their families comprehensive rates that will remain in place over 12 continuous semesters, or four years.

“Our plan, which is new to Ohio University, was developed as a way to provide better financial predictability to students and parents, increase the value of financial aid and provide an incentive for students to graduate within four years,” said Ohio University President Roderick J. McDavis. “We believe in The OHIO Guarantee because it is predictable and transparent; it will increase the value of student financial aid; it supports timely degree completion; and above all, it ensures that families can budget for the true cost of an Ohio University college education.”

The OHIO Guarantee will begin with every new degree-seeking first-year or transfer undergraduate student who enrolls in the fall semester of 2015 or the spring semester of 2016. The program applies to these students regardless of campus of admission or enrollment for classes taken at the Athens Campus.

Continuing students, those who were enrolled prior to summer 2014-15, will not be affected by The OHIO Guarantee and will continue to follow the traditional incremental tuition model governed by the legislative cap and annually adopted by the Ohio Board of Trustees. In addition, non-degree students, such as those seeking Post-Secondary Enrollment Option classes, are not included in The OHIO Guarantee.

The OHIO Board of Trustees will establish a new level-rate structure each year, which will apply to the new cohort, or group of students, enrolling for the first time during that upcoming academic year. Students’ cohorts will be assigned based on their first semester of enrollment (fall or spring, excluding summer). For example, if a student’s first semester of enrollment is fall 2015, his or her rate would be the Cohort 2015 rate and would be effective for the next 12 continuous semesters, or four years.

If a student’s first semester is summer 2015, he or she will pay the Cohort 2015 rate for that semester and then begin paying the Cohort 2016 rate the following fall. This allows students to start earlier at a lower rate and then be part of their continuing cohort.

If a student begins their OHIO experience at a regional campus and then transfers to the Athens Campus, that student will be placed in the cohort aligning with the year he or she enrolled as a degree-seeking student at OHIO. If a student takes classes at both a regional campus and the Athens Campus, that student will pay tuition for Athens Campus classes according to the cohort that began at the time of enrollment and will follow the annual Regional Campus class cost.

A select number of OHIO programs have been identified to the Ohio Board of Regents as requiring more than 120 hours – more than four years – to complete. Students in these programs will automatically receive an additional semester of the Guarantee (meaning they have 13 semesters to complete the degree). However, if a student requires more than 12 continuous semesters/four years to graduate and is not in one of the identified programs, they will be placed in the cohort for the year after their initial cohort for the next three terms or one year. This allows a student to know the rate in advance if they stay longer than four years, allowing for better planning as early as their sophomore year.

Ohio University recognizes that there may be situations beyond a student’s control that could affect the ability to complete a degree within four years. Extensions necessary due to military or reserve duty will be automatically granted. Additional exceptions may include disability, medical conditions, enrollment in the Ohio Program of Intensive English, internships or cooperative education programs.

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Media contact: Stephanie Filson, director of external communications, at 740-597-1793 or

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