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News Release

January 14, 2013

Ohio University Patton College of Education rates high in Board of Regents Performance Report 

The Ohio Board of Regents (OBR) this week released the first annual Educator Preparation Program Performance Report, and the Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education (PCOE) at Ohio University earned high marks. The report uses various measures to evaluate teacher preparation programs in Ohio's 13 public universities with teacher preparation programs.

Though preliminary, the report reveals several college strengths. For instance, in comparison to the other institutions with teacher preparation programs in Ohio, the PCOE is more selective, attracting students with above-average entry scores. On both tests colleges utilize to make admissions decisions, PCOE scores are consistently higher than average: 23.1 in contrast to the state average of 22.8 on the ACT and 1556 in comparison to the state average of 1188 on the SAT.

In addition to academically capable incoming students, the college excels in preparing them for teaching positions. Based on a 49-question survey of Ohio University students who completed their professional internships during fall semester 2012, Ohio University students rated themselves as well prepared. On almost every measure relating to preparation, the students' rankings of the PCOE were higher than state averages.

The PCOE commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in the high scores students recorded in the areas of assessment (3.54 compared to state average of 3.421), diversity (3.49 compared to 3.405) and classroom management (3.45 compared to 3.33). All three areas were previously identified by PCOE as targets for improvement in response to stakeholder feedback. Results from the OBR report show impressive signs of progress for the college.

Additionally, PCOE received high marks in the rate of students successfully transitioning into the teaching profession:

• 99 percent of PCOE students successfully complete student teaching.

• 94 percent pass the teacher licensure tests (data from 2010-2011).

• 98 percent completed the first year residency program in 2011-2012.

Finally, the report suggests on the basis of available data that Ohio University graduates become effective teachers. As practicing teachers, 90 percent of PCOE graduates meet expectations or are above expectations in regards to improving student learning and 25 percent of Ohio University graduates rank above expectations in improving student learning - above the state average of 20 percent. These rates exceed state averages of 88 and 20 percent respectively.

While the report marks an important milestone in the effort to demonstrate the comparative performance of teacher preparation programs in Ohio, it is still in an early phase and results should be interpreted with care. On its website, the BOR notes known limitations of the report in an effort to ensure that the data are not misconstrued.

The full report is available at

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