Ohio University

Video Production

UCM’s video production efforts include everything from “Word on the Street” segments, featuring student feedback on various topics of interest, to projects highlighting the University’s academic programs. The UCM video team has also produced commercials promoting Ohio University for broadcast on television stations in Ohio and across the nation. These projects elevate the institution, strengthening the ties of those familiar with it and introducing many others to Ohio University.

The UCM video team understands that video is best served viscerally. We believe the viewer should connect with our videos, and by extension OHIO, on an emotional level. We allow students, faculty, staff, and alumni to tell their stories and use images to strengthen the power and the meaning of their words. The video team includes experienced professionals who work with a small but talented group of students. Our work is featured on OHIO’s YouTube channel and many University websites as well.  

Interested in working with UCM on a video? Start with the Project Request Form.

If UCM is unable to assist you, we will direct you to one of Ohio University's preferred videographer suppliers. The full list of preferred suppliers is available on the Purchasing website.