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Internal Communications

Internal Communication Team

UCM’s Internal Communications Team provides strategic and tactical internal communications planning, consulting, and services in the areas of University news and organizational and executive communications to academic and academic units. The Big Book of Internal Communications (PDF) compiles many useful resources and documents that guide these communications. The areas covered by the Internal Communications Team include:

University News

Compass is Ohio University’s official online news site. Students, faculty, staff, trustees, and selected other groups receive a twice-weekly e-mail summary “pushed” to their inboxes. Compass enjoys very high readership both inside and outside the University. To tell your story in Compass, click here to download a PDF document containing guidelines for story submissions

Compass Points is Ohio University’s “need to know” informational electronic newsletter for faculty and staff. All stories featured in Compass Points appear in Compass.

Organizational Communications

Academic support units that are rolling out new programs or policies can receive help developing communications strategies and plans to ensure the widest dissemination of their messages. Academic units who wish to publicize their achievements, programs, lecture series, and so on and who do not have a supporting campus communicator can obtain planning and execution support from UCM. Click here to download a PDF document that includes the roster of assigned campus communicators for units across the University.

Faculty and Staff Web Page (

The Internal Communications Team maintains the content of the University's faculty and staff Web page. In concert with the Office of Information Technology (OIT), the team updates the page quarterly. Please submit your suggestions for improving the page here.

Broadcast Electronic Communications (all-campus e-mails)

Broadcast electronic communications to the campus community are governed by the Guidelines for All-campus E-mails and Texts (click here to download a PDF). The UCM Internal Communications Team provides broadcast electronic messaging support for the Office of the President, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, and other members of the executive staff. Questions? Please e-mail us.

Practicums (internships), PACE Positions, and Freelance Opportunities

The Internal Communications Team provides undergraduate and graduate students with on-campus paid, for-credit, and for-clips only internship (practicum) opportunities. Visit our student opportunities and internship listings pages for more information.

Other Information

Not receiving Compass or Compass Points?

If you are not receiving Compass, Compass Points, or broadcast executive communications, please take the following actions:

  1.  Check your e-mail program’s “spam” folder. If you find the messages, please change your security settings to permit these e-mails.
  2. Note that we cannot guarantee delivery if your e-mail is forwarded.
  3. Ensure you have not “opted out” of receiving campus communications. Note that Compass, Compass Points, and executive communications share the same vendor as many other campus broadcast e-mails, so opting out of one will likely remove your name from all mailing lists. To re-subscribe, go here.
  4. If none of these solutions works or applies to you, please e-mail details to



As a newbie to this event, I came away from our first meeting feeling relieved that such an energetic and competent group of folks are making this event come to life. What a great team.

—L. M., Provost's Office

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I've been contacted by a member of the media. What should I do?

Please click here to contact our communications specialists for advice on working with the news media.

Our department needs to be on Facebook or Twitter. Can you help us get started?

Yes! Our external communications team administers the University’s main social media sites and helps other Ohio University units get started with their own Twitter or Facebook pages. Please click here to contact our communications specialists.