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Web Standards

University Communications and Marketing collaborates with OIT Web Services to create websites for University departments. If you need a new Web page, visit www.ohio.edu/web/help/request-a-web-site.cfm to review your options and submit a request to OIT Web Services.


Outside Vendors

You may choose to work with an outside Web design firm to create your website. Departments are strongly encouraged to choose one of the preferred vendors listed at www.ohio.edu/finance/purchasing/preferred-suppliers. Most of these vendors have worked with the University in the past and are familiar with our technical and creative standards. In addition, the Division of Finance has standing agreements with many of them to provide services to University units at a discounted rate.


Required Page Elements

Every Ohio University Web page must include several standard elements. Sites built within CommonSpot, the University’s official content management system, will already include the standard elements. HTML and graphic files of the elements are available for third-party vendors creating sites or pages for University departments from Web Services.

The University logo in the top left corner must always be coded as a link back to the main site. The only exemptions are Web pages clearly marked as archived and all pages and sites of Ohio University Athletics.


To remain consistent, all official University websites must have one of two headers: the academic header or the non-academic header.

Academic Header

Predominantly green, the aptly named academic header is to be used on all websites relating to academic topics, including colleges, schools, and programs.

Academic Header

Featuring five areas, the academic header provides some leeway for users to edit information while maintaining a standard look across OHIO's Web presence. The image below highlights the areas and provides more explanation. Academic Header Details

Non-Academic Header

The non-academic header is for use on official University websites that aren't directly related to academics. It is distinguished from the academic header by its featured color—white—and its different navigation tools.

Non-Academic Header

The non-academic header has five areas, some of which are able to be edited. As with the academic header, however, there are areas that must remain fully intact to ensure consistency in look and user experience. Below is an image detailing the non-academic header areas. Non-Academic Header


All Ohio University websites are required to have the same footer. The footer is Ohio University Gray and is pictured below.