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  • The official University fonts are Galliard and Frutiger.
  • The fonts work on both MacOS and Windows machines.
  • Both font families are available for use on University computers from the Bobcat Depot.
  • Do not substitute other fonts for the official fonts.
  • In general, use Galliard for text and Frutiger for headings.

Official Typefaces

Two typefaces—a serif and a sans serif—have been selected as the primary identification typefaces for the Ohio University brand. When used in conjunction with the OHIO signature, they reinforce our Brand Look. Both typefaces are suitable for a variety of communication materials.

The primary text and signature font is Galliard. Its design is based on letterforms created in the 16th century, giving it a classic look that reflects OHIO’s historic, enriching, and authentic personality.



The sans serif font, Frutiger, allows for creative flexibility and enhanced readability. (It was originally designed for signs at Charles de Gaulle Airport in France.) Used widely around the world, Frutiger represents OHIO’s collaborative, global, and innovative nature.




Obtaining Fonts

Fonts are licensed. The Galliard and Frutiger font families are available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms and are available through the Office of Information Technology at Ohio University. To order the fonts, click here. You must have a departmental account number to process the order.

You can also contact the Bobcat Depot.


Using Type

For print projects, use Galliard for body copy (letters, memos, reports, etc.). For maximum legibility, do not use type smaller than 10 points. Use Frutiger for headings, signage, and the address block of official University stationery.

When designing promotional items, Frutiger is often the best choice for headlines, taglines, and other words that you want to be highly legible from a distance. Use Galliard for detail that can be read close up.


Exceptions to Type Guidelines


Online applications usually do not allow users to specify fonts. Websites hosted on Ohio University servers use CSS to display Frutiger and Galliard.

Official University websites not hosted on University servers may substitute Georgia for Galliard and Arial for Frutiger. This is the only situation where substitutions are allowed.

PowerPoint ® slides

For greatest legibility, use Frutiger or Arial on PowerPoint slides. University-branded PowerPoint templates are available for download here with your OHIO ID.

A PowerPoint presentation created on one computer using one set of fonts may not look the same when opened on a different computer that has different fonts installed. If you are using PowerPoint for Windows, ensure a consistent look in your presentation by embedding the preferred fonts in your presentation. To ensure consistent display of presentations prepared in PowerPoint for Mac, save your final presentation as a PDF.