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Stationery is letterhead, envelopes, and business cards produced and used collectively. All paper stationery must be ordered from Printing Services.


The Ohio University letterhead featuring the signature logo should be used by all colleges, campuses, offices, and departments of the academic and administrative units of the institution. The letterhead prints in Ohio University PMS 342 Green and PMS 404 Gray on white, custom-watermarked, recycled paper with matching envelopes. Both are laser and ink jet compatible. Recycled letterhead is also available in monarch size (7.25-inch x 10.5-inch).

An electronic version of the letterhead is available. Click here to download the Microsoft Word file (OHIO ID required).

If you are sending large general mailings without a letter, you may print your own business envelopes on recycled white wove stock. If the mailing includes letterhead, though, you must use the matching letterhead envelopes.

Font Usage on Letterhead

When composing a letter using University stationery, OHIO recommends using the font EB Garamond. If EB Garamond is unavailable on a particular computer, Times or Times New Roman may be used as alternate fonts. Consistent usage of a narrow selection of fonts helps to maintain consistency and strengthen branding efforts across the University.


Business Cards

Any Ohio University employee may request official University business cards. All paper stationery must be ordered from Printing Services. The business card prints in Ohio University PMS 342 Green and PMS 404 Gray on white recycled card stock. It is preferred that no printing be done on the reverse side of the business card. For exceptions, contact University Communications and Marketing.

Student Business Cards:

The University allows students in good academic standing to purchase business cards that are set apart from the standard stationery of the institution. In order to obtain a business card, a student must request a letter from his or her dean similar to the example shown below. Cards are an extension of the University’s brand and imply a level of institutional confidence in the student distributing them. As such, it is vital that you impress upon any student asking for cards the importance of professional conduct in situations where card exchanges may occur.

The sample letter also includes tips for business card use.

After receiving the letter, the student must then take a copy of it to Printing Services to submit the order. After the cards are printed, the student will be able to pick them up at Printing Services.

Dean’s letter sample

Dear [Name of College] student:

Congratulations! The College of [Insert Name of College] has approved your request for a student business card. You may now take a copy of this letter to University Printing Resources (Building 37 in The Ridges) where you can complete the paperwork necessary to submit your order.

Just as Ohio University faculty and staff use their business cards to represent us, you will now do the same. Your college is entrusting you with an important responsibility: to conduct yourself and to use this card professionally in order to leave a positive impression of you, the University, and the college.

The back of this letter includes some tips for how to use business cards professionally, and some additional contacts in case you have questions or need more help. Again, I congratulate you and thank you for helping us communicate the excellence and quality of our institution.


Business Card Tips


  • Tell people who you are and how to reach you
  • Forwarding agent attached to report, article, or newspaper that may be of interest to someone
  • Enclosed with business gift


  • Keep cards in a card case, not your wallet.
  • Be selective
  • Wait until an executive asks for your card
  • Be discreet
  • Avoid bringing them out during meals
  • When arriving for a meeting outside your office, hand the card to the receptionist.
  • During a meeting outside your office, wait for someone else in the meeting to initiate the exchange.
  • Hand out only those cards that are in good condition, with your name facing up.
  • Be aware of cultural differences for handing out and receiving cards.

Use of Additional Graphics on Stationery

In general, no other graphics may be used on Ohio University letterhead and envelopes. However, there are circumstances where exceptions could be made by University Communications and Marketing:

Grant-funded programs in partnership with the University

If the grantor’s agreement specifically states that their mark be visible on stationery, this mark will appear only in the bottom right corner of Ohio University letterhead.

Program anniversary years

Graphics denoting a program’s anniversary year may be used on University letterhead for that one-year period. This mark may be placed in either the bottom right corner of the letterhead or the back flap of the mailing envelope; it also may be printed in both places. Anniversary marks may not be added to business cards.

Capital campaigns

Stationery may be created that uses graphics promoting a capital campaign. These items are allowed for the duration of the campaign only.