Ohio University

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Name Usage

Referring to Ohio University

In the first or most prominent usage in each individual application, always use the organization’s entire name, "Ohio University." In subsequent usage in the same application, the organization may be referred to as “OHIO” or “the University.”

Please note, it is never acceptable to use “OU” as a means of referring to Ohio University in official communications or promotions. 

Website domain name use

When the website domain name appears within a paragraph of text, it should be stated as "www.ohio.edu"; in instances when it appears as a stand-alone graphic element without surrounding text, "ohio.edu" is also acceptable.

In conversation or when recorded in a voiceover used in TV, radio, or video, it is preferred to use “ohio.edu”

Referencing Ohio University campuses

When referring to OHIO's campuses, capitalize such usage as “Athens Campus,” “Chillicothe Campus,” “Dublin Campus,” “Eastern Campus,” “Lancaster Campus,” “Southern Campus,” “Zanesville Campus,” etc.

After such usage, simply mentioning “the campus” should be done in lowercase.