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  • The official University colors are Ohio University Green and Ohio University Gray.
  • If these colors are not available, use black and white.
  • A palette of secondary colors is available for design flexibility only and should not be substituted for Ohio University Green or Ohio University Gray.
  • Use the “More Colors” option in Microsoft Office ® applications to set the correct values for official University colors.
  • Not sure about using color? Ask UCM for help!

Signature Colors

The signature brand colors for the University are Ohio University Green and Ohio University Gray. Green is the primary color and should be used predominantly in all University communications. Gray is a complementing color.

If you cannot use Ohio University Green or Ohio University Gray, both black and white may be used as a substitute.


pms: 342

100, 0, 69, 43

HEX: #00694E

0, 105, 78

pms: 404

0, 9, 24, 56

HEX: #776F67

119, 111, 103

pms: 728

0, 19, 43, 12

HEX: #E4BB85

211, 169, 133

Secondary Colors

To give maximum flexibility in designing promotional and marketing materials, the University also has approved a palette of secondary brand colors. These colors are appropriate for both print and Web use. They are intended to complement Ohio University Green and Ohio University Gray. NEVER substitute any of the secondary colors for the official Ohio University Green or Ohio University Gray.


pms: 619

0, 6, 100, 47

HEX: #9C8F30

156, 143, 48

pms: 576

56, 0, 91, 38

HEX: #69913B

105, 145, 59

pms: 375

43, 0, 79, 0

HEX: #8FD400

143, 212, 0

pms: 5535

87, 0, 72, 79

HEX: #1F3730

31, 55, 48

pms: 7463

100, 43, 0, 65

HEX: #003050

0, 48, 80

pms: 7458

40, 0, 5, 6


110, 180, 205

pms: 634

100, 0, 9, 47

HEX: #007396

0, 115, 150

pms: 202

0, 100, 65, 47

HEX: #872434

135, 36, 52

pms: 193

0, 91, 65, 47

HEX: #C0143C

192, 20, 60

pms: 266

94, 94, 0, 0

HEX: #673BB8

103, 59, 184

pms: 2622

72, 94, 0, 0

HEX: #612D62

97, 45, 98

pms: 130

0, 28, 100, 0

HEX: #F4AA00

244, 170, 0

pms: 144

0, 47, 100, 0

HEX: #EF8200

239, 130, 0

pms: 7414

0, 46, 100, 11

HEX: #DF8D25

233, 140, 37

pms: 411

0, 28, 43, 79

HEX: #5E4F4A

94, 79, 74

pms: 463

60, 65, 100, 0

HEX: #6F4C23

111, 76, 35

pms: 445

15, 0, 12, 69

HEX: #57655F

75, 84, 87

pms: 451

34, 28, 51, 0

HEX: #9D986D

176, 169, 124

Using Color in Print and Online

You can’t just tell a printer or a Web designer to use “Ohio University Green”—it won’t mean anything. Ensuring that you get the right color depends on what media you are working with.

Commercial printers use the PANTONE Color Matching system to achieve consistent color reproduction. Your campus communicator may have a PANTONE Color Swatch Book, or you can visit University Communications and Marketing to view PANTONE colors.

A commercial printer also may ask for a full-color process formula that assigns specific number values of four colors of ink: C (cyan), M (magenta), Y (yellow), and K (black).

Electronic screens reproduce colors using beams of light, so specific colors are created by assigning values of R (red), G (green), and B (blue). RGB is a device-dependent color model—in other words, how the color looks depends on the device that is interpreting the values. To provide more precise rendering of color, many Web designers prefer to use hexadecimal, or hex, values: a set of six numbers and letters that corresponds to gradations of red, green, and blue.

Following is a table of all Ohio University approved colors with their PMS, process, RGB, and hex values. 


Specifying Official Colors in Microsoft Office ® Applications

To reproduce official University colors in Microsoft Office applications, follow nearly the same procedure to set the color as you normally would. Instead of choosing one of the pre-set colors, though, do this:

Word for Windows

  1. Click on “More Colors” at the bottom of the dialog box.
  2. At the top of the next dialog box, click on the Custom tab.
  3. Enter the appropriate RGB values from the color chart.
  4. Click “OK.”

Word for Windows does not support CMYK, so do not use it to prepare documents that will be printed using a four-color process, such as commercial printing.

Word for Mac 2011

  1. Click on “More Colors” at the bottom of the dialog box.
  2. At the top of the next dialog box, click on the sliders icon.
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose “RGB Sliders” (for documents or presentations that will be shown only electronically) or “CMYK Sliders” (for documents that will be printed using a four-color process, such as commercial printing).
  4. Type in the appropriate values from the above chart for the color you want to reproduce.
  5. Click “OK.”

Promotional Items

When choosing promotional items, be sure they adhere to University color and type guidelines. If your promotional item is in a color, choose the color closest to an official University color. Ask the company representative for samples and bring them to UCM in Scott Quad; we’ll be happy to help you check them against the real thing.

If your item is white or clear, use the Pantone color numbers specified in the Color section for any color printing.

You can order customized promotional items through Printing Services. ASW Global is Ohio University’s preferred vendor for sourcing promotional items, and you can browse their BobcatBuy items here. To see current pricing and to order, contact Printing Services at 593.1930 or printing@ohio.edu.

Of course, use official University fonts, Galliard and Frutiger, for any text on promotional items.