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Brand Principles

Our work matters.

Even when we don’t think we’re in the spotlight, we represent OHIO every day. Something as simple as e-mail signatures contributes to promoting the brand. Learn more.


One brand, one team.

As representatives of the University and its brand, we are all part of a team that spans every OHIO campus—and includes faculty, staff, students, and nearly 200,000 alumni around the world. While our roles may differ, we are all advocates for OHIO. Learn more.


Develop a dynamic duo.

Think of each project and the OHIO brand as essential partners, destined to work together to create a winning team—like Batman and Robin, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, or Calvin and Hobbes. A good question to ask is: How could this specific project or promotional effort work together with our University brand to make it even better? Learn more.


“Use the site, Luke.”

This site contains resources to help you use our brand consistently, including guidelines, OHIO-themed templates for PowerPoint ® presentations and Baker digital display screens, access to Web graphics, and more. Learn more.


Keep OHIO’s tradition shining brightly.

When we represent the OHIO brand, we’re caretakers and protectors of a tradition that goes back more than two centuries. It’s like carrying our University’s version of the Olympic torch. Learn more.


Lead by example.

By consistently incorporating the OHIO brand into our work, we encourage others to do the same. Learn more.


Coach the next generation.

We have a unique opportunity not only to set an example for our peers, but also to help educate our student employees about the OHIO brand. Upon graduating, these future alumni will carry the branding basics of our University’s identity with them across the nation or even around the world. Learn more.


Share stories and network solutions.

Look for opportunities to share information or solve problems collaboratively as we work together to elevate the OHIO brand and our University’s national profile. Learn more.


Let UCM help.

You don’t have to know all the answers. If you find yourself uncertain in a situation that could have an impact on our University’s brand, or need ideas about how to promote your unit, contact UCM and let’s figure it out together.