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Promoting the Sustainable Investing Advisory Committee

Jul 12, 2016

In May 2014, Annie Laurie Cadmus (Office of Sustainability) contacted UCM about promoting a new initiative called the Sustainable Investing Advisory Committee (SIAC) -- a student organization that offers hands-on experience managing real financial portfolios for OHIO.

The target audience included recently admitted students scheduled to come to OHIO's campus in the fall, so as UCM worked on the unique look and feel for the initiative. We also collaborated with Breanne Sisler (Undergraduate Admissions) to offer some distribution solutions.

"Collaborating with the Office of Sustainability was fantastic! They had timely and relevant content to share, and we had the means to get it in front of students and schedule it in a way to maximize open rates while utilizing the look and feel that UCM had created for the project," observed Sisler.

The Office of Sustainability was able to promote its Informational Session that took place Sept. 8, 2014.

“Our office did not have the expertise necessary to create a professional identity for SIAC, or the ability to easily transmit information to newly admitted students, but through our collaboration we were able to achieve both goals,” Elaine Goetz (Sustainability) said.

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