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Updating the Heritage College's orientation video

Jul 12, 2016

Athens, a great place to live and learn

Jill Harman (Heritage College) reached out to UCM earlier in the fall of 2014, interested in the possibility of modifying the University Human Resources orientation video, 'OHIO and Athens: A Welcoming Community' for a prospective medical student audience.

UCM looped in Gwen Brooks (UHR) who gave the green light to begin editing, making it appropriate for prospective students by removing the references to employees and UHR. The title screens in the original included the OHIO employee-specific brand 'Make the Difference' which would need to be replaced. UCM looped in Karoline Lane and Marie Graham (Heritage College) who supplied title and end screens according to Heritage College's brand guidelines. These cut at the end to UCM's OHIO branded end screen featuring the official woodcut logo. The result was a pleasing product for all involved.

"Thanks to Dave and the team for making this a fun process with great results!" Jill Harman.

"Many of the colleges and different units across campus have developed their own brand and the challenge that lies ahead is how to leverage these cohesively and consistently to raise the profile of Ohio University. This project is a great example of effective integration that keeps the identity of both the college and the University prominent and known. We were glad to be able to work with the Heritage College on this project." Mark Krumel (UCM).

“Ohio University is our brand, first and foremost,” said Karoline Lane (Heritage College). “As an associated brand of Ohio University, our college-specific brand positions us to clearly and consistently stand out from other medical schools with our unique offer. Our Admissions Office has an extraordinary challenge in recruiting a class of future physicians who are not only academically excellent, but also altruistic and more likely to stay in Ohio to practice — especially in primary care careers, and especially in underserved communities. Last year 90% of our entering class was from Ohio—that’s more than any other medical school in Ohio. And 60% of our graduates stay in Ohio to practice, which is also more than any other medical school in Ohio. The diversity of our classes is also just extraordinary. It’s important that Ohio University and its Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine are both prominently lifted up in all of our materials. Our college brand and the Ohio University brand — they are one-and-the-same.”

Lane says as the medical school expands with new locations around the state, it’s important that OHIO is prominently featured. “No matter the size of the project, from a video or opening a campus, it’s got to be both OHIO and the Heritage College together. We always enjoy partnering with UCM.”

The video can be watched here.