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Bobcat Student Orientation (BSO) Communications

Jul 12, 2016

Bobcat Student Orientation communications underwent an update prior to June, 2015. UCM aided in the process, performing a communications audit and report and making recommendations. Later, one of our staffers spoke to Jenny Klein and Jim Harris (of University College) about it:   

First up, tell me about your decision to rework the brochure this year?

From a visual standpoint, we wanted to move closer to what students and parents were used to seeing from the Undergraduate Admissions office. Over the years, we were able to modify existing designs, but between the 'it’s you' campaign and an influx of new University photography, we decided it was time for a visual overhaul. You can browse the BSO brochure online here.

The Undergraduate Orientation Program's website has adopted the front door templates, how has the redesign helped with communications?

The redesign gave us the opportunity to rethink the navigation structure and the pages we offered to guests. It also got us closer to Google Analytics so we are able to track our most popular pages and insert our ‘must have’ messages strategically with website traffic. We have also been more deliberate with asking our front line staff, “Why are people calling?” or “What changes can we make to the website to make it easier to connect people to the answers they are calling about?” and with that information we go in tweak the website. You can view the website here.

You have added the BSO App to your toolkit - why did you decide to go with an app this year?

In 2014, we printed so much paper to help families keep their brochure up to date; event location changes, cancellations, additions, etc. The paper required design time as well as financial and people resources for copying and distribution. The app will help us communicate on-the-fly with students and parents while they're on campus as well as afterwards, should the need arise. You can explore the BSO App here.