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Make it known—Branding Scripps College

Jul 12, 2016

During Communications Week in March of 2015, Scripps College of Communication announced their new brand, "Make it known." –the cumulative result of over six months' work of Scripps partnering with preferred vendor, Ologie.

After working through the discovery phase with Ologie, UCM and admissions were invited to be part of the branding project steering committee for perspectives relating to the overarching OHIO brand and to partner in marketing opportunities.

"We are always happy to be involved in branding projects or initiatives," commented Mark Krumel, senior director of creative services at UCM. "We were glad to be able to offer support as the Scripps team planned for their launch and put the finishing edits on their brand solution."

As Scripps prepared for their launch with a branding manual, video, and advertisements and giveaways, UCM worked closely with Scott Titsworth, Heather Krugman and Erin Roberts on a branding roadshow PowerPoint highlighting some of the rationale behind the brand as well as particular elements that the dean walked through on the day. Members of the UCM staff were also able to liaise with legal affairs to navigate through the trademarking process, a routine we have been through several times before with, for example, 'it's you' and The OHIO Guarantee mark.

“Working with UCM, Admissions and Facilities has been a seamless process. Facilities staff have been instrumental in helping with the branding of the building. Those offices, coupled with our outstanding college communication staff, have designed most of the final materials involved in our branding efforts, many of which needed to be created with a short turnaround time,” said Krugman.