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Unveiling the new residence halls

Jul 12, 2016

August 29, 2015 marked the grand opening of Phase I of the University’s Housing Development Plan, a construction project lasting two years. The event was detail heavy due to the diverse guest list from the construction management firms, architects, engineers, and the internal design and project management team to OHIO executive leadership, deans, and city officials, and last, but by no means least, the honored namesakes traveling from as far away as Japan. 

UCM collaborated and assisted during the project, and one of our staffers spoke to Christine Sheets, assistant vice president for student affairs, to get her take on it.   

Communications were timed throughout the length of the project and focused on unique highlights including the brick relief sculpture, the moving of the state champion Virginia Pine, and the beam signing, to name just a few.

“Angela [Woodward, of UCM] and I worked on stories throughout the entire timeline of the project, and the Compass stories provided a foundation and framework for other media outlets to follow allowing us to be on the forefront of the story line for this very impactful and exciting project,” said Sheets.

Consistently, the construction projects were in the top 10 most read monthly Compass stories, with the brick relief story, for example, gaining in only two weeks 4,069 page views, an average page visit time of 4:43 minutes, and almost 2,000 likes on Facebook. All these stories and more can be relived through this reflective UCM produced video that recounts the construction project from start to finish.

On the celebration day itself, design pieces such as a brochure, postcards, and gifts provided vehicles to share project details and timelines, messages from the President and Vice President of Student Affairs, and created keepsakes for the day. Photography of the day was also captured. “Together these pieces provided the appropriate information in words and pictures to enhance the celebration and allow guests to fully understand the complexity of the project,” reflects Sheets.

“Working with UCM was amazing! Angela Woodward has worked with me over the last two years to cover the entire project’s progress and keeping the community updated made this entire project a very informed and positive experience for everyone. Mark Krumel assisted with the light banners from design, printing, work order submission and installation; he also worked with our Student Affairs marketing staff on the final gift artwork designs.”