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Cost of Services

In addition to the variety of services UCM provides free of charge (see Communication Services and Marketing Services for a full list of everything we can deliver), there are a number of services offered for a fee. Below is a detailed list of those fee-based products. If you engage us for one or more of these services, an estimate of total cost will be provided prior to the start of any work for your approval.
If you have any questions, please contact Gabrielle Blackwood Johnston, Marketing Services Manager, at  johnstog@ohio.edu.

Communication Services

Communications Plan

$50 per hour
Beneficial for projects large and small, a communication plan guides outreach and promotional efforts surrounding a specific project, initiative or event to ensure clarity, consistency and efficiency. UCM will work with your team to identify current communication challenges, develop a situation analysis, and deliver a completely written plan that includes an overview of strategy, tactics, messages and audiences, as well as recommendations for measurement and implementation.

Communication Audit

$50 per hour
It can be a challenge to ensure all communications generated by your unit are consistent, adhere to visual standards and align with overarching messaging when you don’t have a clear picture of every brochure, postcard, press release and social media post. Before developing a communication plan, UCM can help your unit develop a comprehensive picture of your communications and marketing efforts through a communication audit, which examines audiences, messages, vehicles and design. A final communication audit provides a clear picture of current marketing and communications efforts and identifies areas of inconsistency and opportunities for improvement in written, printed and digital communications.

Strategy Development and Consulting

$50 per hour
Do you feel capable of creating your own communication plan or leading an audit of your unit’s communication materials but want guidance from UCM? We’re here to help! UCM can provide consultation services and feedback at specific milestones in your project to ensure that it’s comprehensive, accurate, and poised to help achieve your communications goals.

Marketing Services

Graphic Design

$50 per hour
The UCM graphic design staff works in print, motion graphics, and web/electronic mediums. When our design staff develops a concept, you can be assured that the final product is within the University brand standards. Professional designers are not only able to produce the communication piece you have in mind, but are here to guide and advise you on the best way to achieve your desired outcome.

Editing and Content Creation/Enhancement

$50 per hour
UCM clients don’t have to worry about which type of dash to use or whether a word should be capitalized; we edit client-supplied copy for cohesiveness with OHIO’s brand standards. This means that your project content will be consistent with promotional efforts across the University. Depending on the scope of the project, our staff can also enhance marketing efforts by producing creative copy elements such as themes and taglines, reorganizing information to make it more impactful, or providing “script doctoring” that improves the syntax—or even adds pizazz—to informational copy provided by our clients.

Marketing Strategy

$50 per hour
UCM can help you develop a multi-pronged strategy to promote your unit or program, suggesting which types of projects and communication vehicles would best fit your goals. We strive to provide options that deliver the greatest impact while maximizing available resources. From developing an initial game plan to rolling out a promotional campaign, UCM looks forward to collaborating with you and co-piloting your venture to success.

Video Production

Pre-production $100 per hour
This includes client meetings, site surveys, and scheduling filming dates/times.

Production  $100 per hour
This includes capturing footage, both b-roll and primary footage like interviews, as well as drone footage.

Post-production  $100 per hour
This is the video editing and graphics process.


$100 per hour (in house) + studio costs
$300 per session (outside voiceover artist)

UCM can assist with recording, scripting, and perfecting voiceover narration. We can also coordinate with outside talent if that is required of your project.

Music Library Fee

$40 per cut

Web Streaming

$200 first hour, $100 for each additional hour

Digital Handling

$75 per project
UCM can work with you or your department to transfer, label, and store video clips. Move your video from tape format to an archived digital format.

Studio Rental

$100 per hour
Use our studio space for your project! Cost includes use of the studio space, video lights, and lighting assistance.


Studio Portraits $40 per sitting
Environmental Portrait on Location 
$175 fixed rate
Group Portrait on Location 
$175 fixed rate
Event Coverage 
$85 per hour

Drone Services

Photo only $100 per hour
Video only 
$100 per hour
Photo and video
$150 per hour (billed for photo and video separately)

Qualtrics Survey Facilitation

Survey creation $50 per hour
This includes inputting content, developing survey flow and logic to facilitate collection of desired information, and collection of responses from survey application. Output is raw data spreadsheet.

Analysis, Evaluation and Report Preparation $50 per hour
Generating custom report of survey responses, with charts and organized easy-to-read survey text responses if applicable. Additional data summarization and stratification, beyond scope of survey application, is available.

Compression Planning

Compression Planning® is a proven tool that cuts through the clutter of project management and helps facilitate idea generation and decision making in a highly efficient, engaging session led by trained facilitators from UCM. The process gets everyone involved and invested in a successful outcome. A Compression Planning® session is useful for both specific, time-bound projects and initiatives (like an event plan or program launch), as well as to help guide the overarching direction or develop the identity and purpose of an organization or initiative. UCM’s Compression Planning® process includes a client discovery meeting, creation and refinement of the session design and facilitation of the session, with a report that captures and synthesizes ideas, feedback and action items.
Full day and half day sessions offered. Please ask for an estimate.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses
Will be billed at cost. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Vehicle rental
  • Materials
  • Printing
  • Postage