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The Washington Post quotes BSS student Aaron Ray on Solar Works DC Program


photo of Aaron Ray

Aaron Ray, a University College Bachelor of Specialized Studies student with a major in project management and technology, was quoted in The Washington Post in the article “As demand for solar energy grows, D.C. job training offers both employment and community results.”

Aaron Ray, a 23-year-old senior at Ohio University, spent six weeks with Solar Works DC as part of the summer program. Ray, who grew up in the District, has participated in the employment program since he was 14. But this summer spent working with Solar Works DC was his favorite.

Most of the week was classroom learning, he said. But Thursdays and Fridays were spent on job sites installing solar panels, with 10 participants split into ground and roof teams at each site.

“It was nice,” he said, “just being able to talk to people from different paths about where they’re at and what they’re trying to do and learning from that.”

Ray learned to conquer his fear of heights on the ladder.

Another lesson was not to let outside negativity affect his life.

Ray said he struggled at the beginning of college and switched his major as he tried to figure out what he wanted to do, eventually designing his own major in technology and project management. Participating in Solar Works DC also inspired him to learn more about agriculture and environmental balance.

While some companies don’t see the benefits of sustainability, Ray said, Solar Works DC does. He said he supports “companies who are trying to actively help those people and create an easier life for people who really need it.”

“I can’t not get behind that,” he said.

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