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University Academic Advising Council

The Chapman-Clapp Advisor Award Nomination Form is near the bottom of this page.

Established by the University Academic Advising Council, Ohio University recognizes academic advising to be a central element of the educational experience of its undergraduate students.

Advising is a collaborative relationship for which advisors and students share responsibility and through which students create sound educational plans consistent with their academic, career, and personal goals. Advisors are responsible for being accessible and responsive to students, and for providing accurate, timely information.

Students are responsible for being prepared for advising sessions, and for understanding university and major requirements.

The next UAAC meetings are:

  • Wednesday, October 18, 2017, from 3:05 – 5 p.m. in Baker 240/242

  • Wednesday, March 21, 2018, from 3:05 – 5 p.m. in Baker 240/242

Notes from the March 15, 2017, UAAC Meeting

University Academic Advising Council
Meeting Minutes March 15, 2017
Dr. Eddith Dashiell & Jenny Klein, Co-chairs

Please share what you learn at this meeting with other academic advisors in your unit. This group is a representative subset of advisors across campus, and this information is intended to be distributed and available to all.

Notes from the meeting are in italics


Discussion Items

Electronic Class Permission Slips – Envisioning this change together, Registrar’s Office
We had a lively discussion in small groups about what an electronic class permission slip process could look like – what the benefits of it would be, and what challenges it would present. Stay tuned for more development on this issue!



IP DARS next year – how can we prepare together?, Registrar’s Office
In Progress DARS will be available sometime next fall, and will be the default choice in the Student Center. We will work together as a community to learn how to read and interpret these!

Requisite Drop Timeline Change, Registrar’s Office
The Requisite drop for Fall Semester will occur twice from now one – once in May and again in August. On May 25, for example, students who are registered for a course in the fall who have not completed a requisite and are not registered for a summer course that meets the requisite, will be dropped from the fall course. This will make more spaces available at Bobcat Student Orientation for incoming students. Also, it will provide returning students more time to adjust their schedule appropriately.

College Study Skills Coaching – A new model, Sue Fletcher & Antonique Flood
The Allen Student Advising Center and the Academic Advancement Center are collaborating to provide better study skills enhancement opportunities. Now called “College Study Skills Coaching”, students will be able to talk with a coach who can help them maximize their learning strategies and campus resources. Students can sign up to meet with a coach through tutor track.

Advising Boosters, Katie Thomson & Traci Connor
Would you like a professional advisor to come speak to your staff about how to read a DARS, make the most of the Faculty & Advising Center, or use on-line scheduling software to make appointments? Katie and Traci will come to you! They will present to small groups or individuals. Please contact them via the web form on the Professional Development Page web form under “advising boosters.”

My OHIO Student Success Network Update, Jenny Klein & Loralyn Taylor
Starting in Fall 2017 the My OHIO Success Network will include all Ohio University undergraduates on all campuses. Faculty will use this program for communicating concern about a student and to complete progress surveys in the middle of the term. Training on this software will be available in August, September, and October in many different formats.

Academic Participation – Financial Aid tied to Effort, Deb Benton and Valerie Miller
In order to meet federal guidelines, faculty will now be asked to indicate if and when a student ceased participating in a course. Students who did not ever engage in a class they were registered for are at risk of losing their federal financial aid. See Valerie Miller for more information, and please be attentive to the new grade designations that will be available shortly.

Immigration Issues in the United States – What Advisors need to know, Krista McCallum Beatty
In the current political climate international travel has become risky for international students and faculty members, including some citizens of the United States of America. If you are working with international students, please have a heightened awareness about this. Confirm with them that they are completing the steps they need to take to maintain their immigration status. Refer them to ISFS for professional assistance if they ask you any questions you are unsure of. And, as always, please be cognizant of the stress these concerns adds to our international students and the experience they have here on campus.

Chapman / Clapp Outstanding Advisor Award Nominations Due March 31, 2017, Jenny Klein
The Chapman / Clapp Outstanding Advisor Award is now available! Links are on the UAAC web page. It is due on March 31, 2017. Please nominate a colleague whom you believe to represent the highest advising skills! (Link for nomination form is below.)


Curricular Updates

  • Biological Sciences will become a selective major in Fall 2017. (20 Composite ACT required for direct admittance, see catalog for more information in June)
  • New requisites for BIOS 1700: BIOS 1030 or ACT Comp ≥ 23 AND CHEM placement of 34 or ACT comp ≥ 27
  • Physical Activity and Wellness (PAW) is the new name for what used to be PED and PESS
  • The Math department is developing a Quantitative Reasoning (QR) course that will be TAGS compliant and meet Tier I Quantitative requirements. The course will serve students for who are not in the Algebra-to-Calculus pipeline and therefore do not need MATH 1200 (College Algebra). No timeline is in place for offering this course but Spring 2018 would be the earliest time.
  • The Math Department is working on a plan to phase out MATH D005 on Athens Campus but will offer D005 until a responsible plan is in place. This does NOT affect regional campuses and MATH D003, D004, and D005 will continue to be offered on those campuses.

Upcoming Events

  • The chemistry placement exam will be given from 3-4 pm in Clippinger 194 on Monday, April 10, Wednesday, April 12, and Thursday April 13, 2017.
  • Relocate Day is Friday, March 24, 2017.

This concludes the UAAC Meeting Minutes

Advising Awards

2018 Award Nomination Forms Now Available

Awardees will be honored at the University College Honors Ceremony in spring 2018 in Athens.

Previous recipients of the Chapman-Clapp award include:

  • 2017: Nestor Avila, Athens; Tetyana Dovbnya, Athens
  • 2016: Justin Kish, eCampus; Chris Fowler, Athens; Harvey Ballard, Athens
  • 2015: Lisa Flowers-Clements, Athens; Beth Quitslund, Athens
  • 2014: Hannah Nissen, Zanesville; Phyllis Lanier, Lancaster; Angela Lash, Athens; Greg Nadon, Athens; Miriam Shadis, Athens
  • 2013: Margie Baumgardner, Eastern; Jennifer Chabot, Athens; Norma Humphreys, Athens
  • 2012: Sherry Gradin, Athens; Virginia Cottrill, eCampus
  • 2011: Kelly Davidson, Athens; Arthur Trese, Athens
  • 2010: Jeff Anderson, Athens; Sandy Rawlins, Athens

Advising Resources

Academic advising not only provides excellent academic assistance, but also supplies students with plenty of resources to create a successful path during their time at Ohio University. These resources include advising coordinators, academic alerts, the Allen Student Advising Center, the annual Majors Fair, and more. Find advising resource on the Campus-Wide Academic Advising Support website.