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University Academic Advising Council

Established by the University Academic Advising Council, Ohio University recognizes academic advising to be a central element of the educational experience of its undergraduate students.

Advising is a collaborative relationship for which advisors and students share responsibility and through which students create sound educational plans consistent with their academic, career, and personal goals. Advisors are responsible for being accessible and responsive to students, and for providing accurate, timely information.

Students are responsible for being prepared for advising sessions, and for understanding university and major requirements.

The next UAAC meeting will be on March 15 from 3:05-5 p.m. Location is Baker University Center 240/242.

The most recent UAAC meeting was October 12, 2016, in Schoonover Center. Notes for the meeting include:

Retention Rose Substantially!
The Class of 2019 had a first to second year retention rate of 81.5%. This is more than a 2% improvement from the previous year. One of the subcategories that improved significantly is first- generation college students, who had a 4% increase, from 73.4% to 77.4%. First-year retention is related to many factors, and everyone has the opportunity to influence student success. This increase is an indicator that many things are going well at Ohio University!

The Class of 2020 at a Glance
This year’s first-year class is slightly smaller than last year's, but similar in many ways. They have almost the same average ACT. There are more African American students in this year's class, but fewer Latino students.

Who Walks When?
Students who graduate in the Fall should attend the December graduation. Students who graduate in the Spring or Summer can attend the May graduation.

OHIO First Scholars
OHIO First Scholars has added an outreach campaign. If you would like any materials to identify yourself as a first-generation college student advocate, please contact Angela Lash at 740.566.8888. 

Financial Aid Updates
The FAFSA has a completely new timeline. Please check the webpage before you talk about any date-specific details with students! Also, there are new Federal Aid guidelines that impact how much aid students will receive if they are taking a class for the third time that they have passed twice. Again, please check with financial aid if you have specific questions.

International Student and Faculty Services
International students may only have one online class in their first 12 hours. 9 of their hours must be in person. Also, they have an academic hold now that they must have lifted prior to dropping a course. This helps them make sure that they consult with their ISFS Advisor prior to putting their visa in jeopardy.

Next Meeting
The next UAAC meeting will be on March 15, 2017, from 3:05-5 p.m. UAAC provides Advising Coordinators, Assistant Deans, and Professional Academic Advisors with information and networking that contributes to their advising efficacy and information base so they can lead their units as successfully as possible.

Advising Awards

2017 Award Nomination Forms Now Available

All nominations must be received by 11:59 p.m. on March 20, 2017. Awardees will be honored at the University College Honors Ceremony in April 2017 in Athens.

Previous recipients of the Chapman-Clapp award include:

  • 2016: Justin Kish, eCampus; Chris Fowler, Athens; Harvey Ballard, Athens
  • 2015: Lisa Flowers-Clements, Athens; Beth Quitslund, Athens
  • 2014: Hannah Nissen, Zanesville; Phyllis Lanier, Lancaster; Angela Lash, Athens; Greg Nadon, Athens; Miriam Shadis, Athens
  • 2013: Margie Baumgardner, Eastern; Jennifer Chabot, Athens; Norma Humphreys, Athens
  • 2012: Sherry Gradin, Athens; Virginia Cottrill, eCampus
  • 2011: Kelly Davidson, Athens; Arthur Trese, Athens
  • 2010: Jeff Anderson, Athens; Sandy Rawlins, Athens

Advising Resources

Academic advising not only provides excellent academic assistance, but also supplies students with plenty of resources to create a successful path during their time at Ohio University. These resources include advising coordinators, academic alerts, the Allen Student Advising Center, the annual Majors Fair, and more. Find advising resource on the Campus-Wide Academic Advising Support website.