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Do you offer tutoring for every course on campus?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide tutoring for every course on campus. Tutors are hired based on demand for courses and courses that are historically difficult.


Is tutoring guaranteed?

Tutoring is not a guaranteed service for any student at OU. We do our best to hire qualified tutors to fulfill requests. Students should attend tutoring at the beginning of the semester to increase their chances of succeeding in the course.


Can a faculty member, staff member or graduate student search for a tutor on TutorTrac?

TutorTrac is available to any currently enrolled OU undergraduate on the Athens campus. If you have any questions concerning tutors for a particular course, please feel free to send an email to tutoring@ohio.edu.


Do you have tutoring services for graduate students?

At this time we do not offer tutoring for graduate students. Graduate students can always visit the Graduate Writing and Research Center in Alden Library for assistance.


I would like to discuss an issue I have with a tutor?

Please speak to the Assistant Director, so we can work together, with the tutor and/or student, to find a solution or explanation.


My student is attending tutoring, but he is not improving?

There can be many factors influencing a students' progress. Please inform the Assistant Director and we work together to determine possible solutions.