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For Current Tutors

Getting Paid
  • You must submit your paper attendance sheets by 8 a.m. on designated Mondays
  • You must submit your hours through Workforce (see steps below).
  • You must do BOTH in order to be paid!
Work Force

Go to WorkForce

  • Do NOT bookmark the log-in page or ask your browser to remember your password, or you will be locked out of the system.
  • Submit paper attendance sheets by 8 a.m. on designated Mondays
Payroll Steps: (For Program Students)
  1. Check for proper completion of program attendance sheets: your name, tutee name and signature, and hours worked.
  2. Transfer attendance sheet information onto WorkForce.
  3. Find the date you tutored, and enter the time started (in) to the time you stopped (out)
  4. Under "Comments" put the first and last name of your tutee
  5. Make sure to hit the Save button, or Submit if you are finished entering your hours. To avoid receiving automatic reminder emails, you should submit hours for each program, even if you entered zero hours that pay period.
Updating your Tutor Profile
  • To add or remove courses from Tutor Trac, contact tutoring@ohio.edu.
  • If you are graduating or want to stop tutoring, contact tutoring@ohio.edu to be removed from the system.