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Can't Find a Tutor?

Tutoring Services is not a guaranteed service. Services and policies are subject to change.

Reasons why you may not find a tutor

  • We do not have tutors for your course this semester. Check the course list to see if your course is being offered this semester.
  • Tutors are already booked for the week and in some cases, the semester.

Here are some suggestions

  • Book your appointments early in the semester and see your tutor on a consistent basis.
  • Check Tutor Trac daily for new available appointments.
  • Visit the Math Center or Science Center for evening Drop-In Sessions. No appointment is necessary.
  • Visit the AAC in Alden 101 to complete a Tutor Request Form. We will do our best to fulfill the request, but it is not guaranteed.
  • Check out SI Supplemental Instruction and SI Online Resources.
  • Need help with study skills or test prep? Check out Study Skills for online resources or to make an appointment for help.
  • Visit your instructor during his/her office hours.
  • Join or create a study group with your classmates.
  • Visit the department offering your course. Departments often offer workshops or labs for students.
  • Browse web options: Khan Academy for math, science, computer science, finance & economics, humanities, and GRE test prep.
  • Visit How to Study for study tips and guides across various disciplines.