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Specialized studies major interns with passion

Kirby Bowman at Passion Works
Kirby Bowman at her internship at Passion Works

Kirby Bowman

Class Year: 2020

Major: Bachelor of Specialized Studies in Linguistics and Art

Internship Site: Passion Works Studio, Athens, Ohio

As an intern at Passion Works Studio, Kirby found a way to create unique jewellry pieces using small scraps of metal that are usually thrown away in the process of creating their trademark Passion Flowers. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Kirby had to complete the latter part of her internship remotely, 

“My time working at Passion Works has been life changing. Thanks to this space and the people I am surrounded by, I have expanded my artistic practices and am helping bring in money to a place that I am very passionate about. I am starting to see a new future in the arts and working with people with developmental differences.” 

“This experience has changed my life in an immense positive way. Through my college career, I have struggled with anxiety and depression and not knowing what I wanted to do with my degree. Since working for Passion Works, I have never been happier and felt like I have had such a purpose. I look forward to continuing my work for Passion Works. I plan on staying in Athens another year just to stay a part of Passion Works and to continue to learn more about the studio and other studios out there. 

Passion Works staff appreciated Kirby's contributions as an intern. 

“Kirby has totally rocked her first week!" said the Passion Works internship coordinator. "Super happy to have her on our team this semester.” 


Passion Works earrings created by Kirby Bowman
Passion Works earrings created by Kirby Bowman