Ohio University

Exam Scheduling

Procedure for Scheduling Exams

Exams may be scheduled through SAS if faculty are unable to provide the requested accommodations. Once your professor has told you they are unable to make the arrangements, it is your responsibility to complete the Exam Scheduling Sheet and return it to SAS at least one full week prior to the date of the exam in order to guarantee accommodations can be made.

1. Complete and have the instructor sign the exam schedule sheet.  This should be turned in at least one week prior to the first exam listed to guarantee arrangements can be made for your accommodations. Late submissions will be considered on a case by case basis.

2. After the form is turned in the student will receive an email indicating that the exam has been scheduled with a location listed as to be determined.

3. The student will receive a reminder e-mail the day before the scheduled exam with the location of their exam.

4. A student may login to Accommodate at any point and review what tests they have scheduled and where the test will be taking place, as long as their semester request has been submitted.

alternative testings rooms screenshot

A. Login to Accommodate using your OHIO ID and password

B. Click on the “Testing Room” tab on the left on the menu navigation pane

C. Exams that have been approved to be taken through SAS will appear under the “Approved Booking Requests” heading in no particular order.

D. All exam details will be listed here. If your exam does not appear in this list, no exam form was submitted and arrangements will not be available through SAS.

Exam Administration Guidelines

Staff members of SAS who schedule or administer exams have the responsibility to do so in a secure manner according to the instructions of the faculty member. Students who take exams through SAS are responsible for following these guidelines at all times:

● Only items necessary to complete the exam are allowed. Items not allowed include cell phones, music devices, purses, backpacks, and jackets/coats. Items not allowed may be left near the proctor and cell phones should be turned off or on silent. SAS is not responsible for lost items.

● Students are responsible for bringing all items necessary to complete the exam (e.g., calculator, pen/pencil, blue book).

● SAS staff and proctors will not answer any questions by students regarding exam content, including definitions of words.

● Students suspected of cheating will be reported immediately to the instructor.

● Students who refuse to turn in an exam when their time limit is reached will be reported to the instructor.

● Students who arrive more than 15 minutes past the scheduled start time of their exam will not be allowed to take the exam through SAS. The exam will be returned to the instructor and the student will need to contact the instructor to determine what arrangements, if any, can be made. The exam can be rescheduled through SAS with instructor’s permission and as space permits.

● Once an exam has begun, students may NOT leave the testing site. Bathroom breaks are not permitted unless this is an approved accommodation.

● Students who fail to show or arrive late for an exam will have their exams sent back to the instructor. If a student fails to show or arrives late for an exam once during a semester, they will receive an alert e-mail from SAS. If twice, a student will need to meet with their Accessibility Coordinator. On a third occurrence, the student may lose testing privileges through SAS.

● Students are responsible for notifying SAS of any changes to scheduled exams, including: dropping a class for which exams were scheduled, making alternate arrangements with the instructor for exams, or needing to cancel an exam due to illness.