Ohio University

Extracurricular Programs

Cultural Understanding and Language Program (CULP)

Another opportunity available through the Army ROTC program is CULP. By participating in CULP during the summer, you and a group of cadets from around the nation will learn the customs and language of an area of the globe and travel there for a month. It is like a study abroad program, only you don’t have to pay anything for it and you learn a lot about how the military works in other parts of the world.

Color Guard

The Ohio University ROTC Color Guard participates with the Ohio University Air Force ROTC Color Guard in a variety of university and civic functions.

Advanced Special Skills Qualification Training

Advanced Course students and select Basic Course students may participate in selected Army training schools: Airborne, Air Assault, and Cadet Troop Leadership Training.

Field Training

In Army Field Training you will practice land navigation, small unit tactics, and patrolling every week of the school year. Adventure training, such as white water rafting and downhill skiing, is often available.