Ohio University

New Cadet Orientation Program

AFROTC New Cadet Orientation Program (NCOP)

Calendar of Events

  • Day One - Mon, 27 Aug 18 @ 0800-1000
    Breakfast with Cadre
  • Day Two - Tue, 28 Aug 18 @ 1100-1300
    Wing Staff meet and greet
  • Day Three - Wed, 29 Aug 18
    In-processing paperwork with NCOs
  • Day Four - Thur, 30 Aug 18 @ 0600
    Leadership Laboratory – Commander’s Call
  • Day Five - Fri, 31 Aug 18
  • Day Six - Sat, 1 Sep 18 @ 1700-1900
    Contracting followed by Wing BBQ (friends/family welcome)

If you have not already done so, please complete your official AFROTC Wings application. This must be completed prior to becoming an active cadet. If you need assistance with this application, please review the Wings instructions [PPTX].

NCOP 2018 Handbook

View the NCOP 2018 Handbook [DOCX]

Filling-Out-Forms Instructions

View the Instructions [PPTX]


All forms can be downloaded from Google Drive

All forms must be completed in BLACK ink and must be legible. Print all forms double sided. DO NOT SIGN OR DATE ANY OF THE FORMS, unless instructed otherwise!

  • AFROTC Form 20 [PDF] – Application for AFROTC Membership
  • AFROTC Form 35 – Certification of Involvement with Civil, Military, or School Authorities/Law Enforcement Officials (Completed via Wings)
  • AF Form 2030 [PDF] – USAF Drug and Alcohol Abuse Certificate
  • Drug Demand Reduction Program Attachment [PDF]
  • AFROTC Form 28 – Air Force Pre-Participatory Sports Physical. Schedule an appointment with your physician, take the form to your appointment, and have the physician complete the form. This form certifies that you are physically capable of safely participating in physical training.
  • AFROTC Form 500 – Restrictions on Personal Conduct in the Armed Forces
  • DD Form 93 – Record of Emergency Data
  • AF Form 3010 – USAF Statement of Understanding for Dependent Care Responsibilities
  • Dependency Policy Statement of Understanding – Initial Application only
  • DD Form 2005 – Privacy Act Statement – Health Care
  • Consent for Release of Student Records – Cadet gives Det 650 and OU permission to request/release official transcripts
  • DD Form 2058 – State of Legal Residence
  • Direct Deposit
  • W4

Required Documents/Information

We do not have access to your transcripts.

You need to bring the below-listed items even if you provided them to the university, as well as the forms previously listed above on DATE.

Please review the NCOP 2018 Handbook for more information.

  • AFROTC Form 28 – Completed by physician
  • Printed copies of all college level/high school transcripts (official or unofficial)
  • ORIGINAL state certified birth certificate or proof of US citizenship if born abroad (certified English translation if necessary)
  • ORIGINAL signed social security card
  • Proof of selective service registration (males only)
  • ACT/SAT Scores (can be unofficial, but name must be visible on form)
  • Certificate(s) of participation or completion:*
    • JROTC
    • Civil Air Patrol(CAP)
    • Girl/Boy Scout Award
  • Reserve/Guard documentation*
  • DD 214 (prior service members)*
  • DD 785 – Record of Disenrollment from Officer Candidate-Type Training*
  • Private Pilots License* *If applicable

*if applicable


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