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About Detachment 650

Commander's Welcome

On behalf of the Detachment 650, welcome to the Bobcat Wing! We have partnered with Ohio University since 1948 to produce high-quality officers for the United State Air Force. We provide many resources to help students succeed academically, physically, and mentally and prepare for the challenges and great opportunities that await them upon graduation. Through this program, we build the character, perseverance, and strength of cadets so they will live by Air Force Core Values--integrity, service before self, and excellence in all we do.

We are proud of the achievements of many of our commissioned graduates, including four general officers and two members of the US Air Force Thunderbirds. We are confident our current cadets will also find great success. Are you ready to challenge yourself and not just have a good job, but a great career? Give us a call or, better yet, stop by and see for yourself!

Det 650 Mission

Air Force ROTC recruits, develops, and commissions trustworthy, selfless, and professional Second Lieutenants for the nation.

Program Specifics

Ohio University’s Air Force ROTC program is challenging, yet rewarding. Cadets learn critical leadership and management skills, while balancing physical training and academics.

First year cadets dedicate approximately 5 hours each week to AFROTC. This includes attending a 1-hour academic class, 1-hour physical training sessions twice per week, and a 1.5 leadership laboratory. As cadets progress through the program, they earn more responsibilities and become mentors for underclassmen cadets.

To be successful in the AFROTC program and earn a commission as an Air Force Officer, cadets must maintain a good GPA, meet the Air Force Physical Training standards, and must set themselves to a higher standard exhibiting a high moral character.

Detachment 650 is a proud organization with a rich history that has grown into a top of the line AFROTC detachment. We are dedicated to molding and guiding quality, respectable and responsible second lieutenants and civilians. The detachment is geared towards helping others do their very best. Excellence in all we do-- one of the USAF Core Values--certainly hits home for the cadre at the Detachment. We provide a program that will push you to achieve your goals while getting involved in the community, making new friends, learning new skills and turning you into an excellent officer in the world's best Air Force.

The program focuses on teaching college students the skills they'll need to become successful Company Grade Officers (CGOs) in the USAF. We do this by instilling a broad set of personal, professional, leadership, and managerial skills into each cadet throughout their three to four years in the program. These skills are developed through academic, hands-on experience, and mentorship. Every cadet is held to a high standard as a future officer and is challenged to continuously push themselves in order to stimulate personal growth throughout the breadth of their cadet careers.

Choosing to participate in becoming an officer in the United States Air Force or the United States Space Force will be one of the best decision you can ever make. If you have any questions, please contact us at 740-593-1343 or afrotc@ohio.edu


At OHIO, Air Force ROTC is administratively part of University College


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