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What is AFROTC?

AFROTC (Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps) is an officer commissioning program for the United States Air Force. Many colleges and universities around the country host such programs. The following links will help answer some possible questions you may have about the program including scholarships, classes, information for parents and more.

For more information you can check out these web sites:

If you have questions about OHIO's AFROTC specifically, please contact us.


What will I be doing after college?

Our program is devised specifically to train and produce quality second lieutenants in the USAF. This means that if you are willing to work hard and prove you're capable, you will graduate with a job with great pay, benefits and also assisted tuition if you are looking to further your education!

Here are some links to show what kinds of careers you can have and what kind of benefits the Air Force can provide:

Current Pay and Benefits:


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