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Strengths and Flow

The work you do becomes meaningful when it's something you're good at and love to do. By narrowing down your true passions, you can determine the best career path and find the strength to help yourself and others throughout the entire process.

Meaningful Work

What are you good at and what do you like to do? These types of activities are ones that make the most meaningful work.

Download Meaningful Work [PDF]

Trombone Player Wanted

Determine your strengths by analyzing what activities you look forward to, are naturally curious about, and make you feel great.

Download Trombone Player Wanted [PDF]


Strengths Interview

Another way to find your strengths is by asking those around you (family members, peers, friends, etc.). Engage in those activities and analyze how they feel.

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Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

This form can help you determine which intelligences are strongest for you.

Take this Assessment to find your strengths.

The Science of Character

The VIA Survey

Discover your best qualities in 15 minutes with this scientific survey of character strengths.

Take the VIA survey from the VIA institute of character.


Strengths Reflection

Use this worksheet to maximize your strengths to their pull potential.

Download Strengths Reflection [PDF]