Ohio University

Review of Academic Probation

Getting to Know Your Syllabus

Understanding your syllabi is a key part of being successful in your classes. They outline course requirements, contact informations, policies, and important dates.

Download Getting to Know Your Syllabus [PDF]

Program Overview

Turning Points is a mandatory program for students reinstated into Ohio University following academic dismissal.

Download Program Overview [PDF]

Hopes and Expectations

Turning Points is an individualized program between you and your advisor. The two of you will work together to establish your hopes and expectations for the program.

Download Hopes and Expectations [PDF]

Getting To Know You

This worksheet is to be completed before your first meeting with your advisor and provides some general background information about you.

Download Getting to Know You [PDF]

What Happens at the end of TP

Use this graph to see what you must complete by the end of turning points in order to remain in your college.

Download What Happens At End of Turning Points [PDF]

Individual Plan

Work with your advisor to create a plan for how you would like the semester in Turning Points to work.

Download Individual Plan [PDF]

Turning Points Agreement

Review and sign this document to participate in the Turning Points Program

Download Turning Points Agreement [PDF]