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Motivation is the reason why you're doing what you are. Whether it be a passion, a support group, or the allure of an end goal, we all have forms of motivation. In this section, you can reflect on your why, reasons for attending college, the difference between internal vs. external motivation, and beneficial motivation techniques.

What Is Your Why?

Reflect upon and determine your main motivators for attending college.Have they changed over time?

Download What is Your Why [PDF]

Internal vs. External Motivation

What are the differences between internal and external motivation? Can it be beneficial to practice one style more than the other? What are ways to improve internal motivation?

Download Internal vs. External Motivation [PDF]

Reasons For Going To College

Identify the reasons you are attending college. How many of these are internal reasons? External reasons?

Download Reasons for Going to College [PDF]

Motivation Techniques

A helpful list of ways to gain and maintain motivation throughout the week, semester, and academic year.

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Failure As A Stepping Stone