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Acts of kindness and servitude are not only beneficial to others but also yourself. They help you gain a stronger appreciation for the world around you and your abilities to make a difference. Reflect on how you feel during the moments that impact others.

Draw Your Future

After watching the TED Talk posted below, think about something you want to change in your life and draw your current and desired states to help you visualize a roadmap that leads to your dreams.

Download Draw Your Future [PDF]

TED Talk:



Dream Activity

Complete this worksheet to break down the importance of your dream and what it takes to get there.

Download Dream Activity [PDF]

Dreams Delivered

Think of your most daring dreams and how you could accomplish them. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Download Dreams Delivered [PDF]


Your Presidential Cabinet

As the president of your own life, pick "cabinet members" who are wise, trustworthy, and dependable during times of need.

Download Presidential Cabinet [PDF]


How To Achieve Your Dreams

Here is some more advice on how to successfully achieve all of your dreams.