Ohio University

Max Routsong interns in the family business

Boat the dog
Max Routsong's dog Boat helps his owner with internship duties

Max Routsong

Class Year: 2020

Major: Bachelor of Specialized Studies in Political Entrepreneurship

Internship Title: Operations Support Intern, Routsong Funeral Home

As an intern at his family's funeral home, Max had the opportunity to explore and participate in the operation of the business his great grandparents built over a hundred years ago.

"Not many people get the opportunity to work for a company that has lasted over one hundred years and I wanted to understand how it has lasted as a family owned and operated business in a highly competitive and increasingly corporatized market," Max said. "I also wanted to learn how to work with and operate with emotionally-charged situations. I feel as if I’m using my degree and my knowledge gained at Ohio University," noted Max, explaining that his knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship helped him capitalize on target markets and plan better marketing strategies using social media and google search results.  

During his internship Max got a puppy who came to work with him at the funeral home every day so that clients could interact with him and experience a little relief from grief or discomfort. "It’s been an extremely successful idea and numerous clients have come back after services just to say hi to “Boat” (he’s named that because I couldn’t afford an actual boat and a dog in my opinion is the next best thing,” Max said.